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“You never doubt that you’re in good and capable musical hands."
 - Hypnogogue Music Reviews

“We are Infinite” from

  Neal Gardner is indeed
  a very beautiful album."
  - Synth & Sequences

Neal Gardner is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer and producer.  He has released several  albums since 2001 and is actively recording new material in a variety of genres, including rock, electronic, and jazz.

His entire discography is available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify 
(and other major outlets).

Gardner is the administrator of the Ambient music Facebook group. With over 11,000 members worldwide, this is the largest and most active community of fans and artists of the genre.
He produces a monthly compilation series of independent Ambient artists, available now for free download and streaming via Bandcamp

For licensing, production, song placement or session opportunities, please contact Neal here.

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